The Art of Luxury Scotland Hotels

The success of many hotels can be attributed to the staff, the location, the facilities and the cuisine. But sometimes it’s those little things, seen while walking through the foyer or entering your room for the first time, that endear you to your favourite hotels.

A surprise artwork or a stunning painting on the wall of your room can be a memorable part of your overall impression. An inspired image in bar or restaurant will often help enhance your enjoyment of the place.

On the walls of many of Luxury Scotland’s member hotels you will find an array of artworks that could match many public or high street galleries.

While we are very fortunate to have such amazing Scottish landscapes right outside our hotel windows, it is a bonus for so many of our visitors to enjoy waking up to an inspired artwork on their bedroom wall or enjoying a selection of paintings while enjoying a relaxing moment in the hotel lounge.

Join us on a brief trip through some of the Luxury Scotland hotels and the art you are likely to find inside them.


James Harrigan at Knockinaam Lodge

At Knockinaam Lodge the works of Scottish artist James Harrigan adorn the walls in the lounge.

A graduate of Glasgow School of Art, James has spent much of his life in Ayrshire and has had a close association with Knockinaam for many years.

James has spent time in the West Indies and in Brazil but never tires of painting the local landscapes and coastlines of Scotland. An expressive painter working mainly in oils, James uses rich, luscious brush strokes and colours to great effect.


Terry McKivragan at Airds Hotel

If you can take your eyes off the amazing landscapes to be seen at Airds Hotel, you might enjoy scenes of a different kind on the hotel walls.

Displayed around the public areas are a number of paintings and prints. mainly by British contemporary artists, in a variety of media but mainly watercolour, oil and acrylic.

Airds is an enthusiastic a follower of art and the hotel believes the setting and the rooms lend themselves to the display of artwork. Relaxing with a coffee or afternoon tea and enjoying the paintings is an inspiring atmosphere for many guests.

Several of the paintings are by Terry McKivragan R.I. who left a legacy of paintings which are now managed by the hotel’s owner, Shaun McKivragan.


Ian Cowe and The Scottish Lighthouses at Fingal

On board Fingal in the Port of Leith, it is photographs that adorn the walls. Tying into the history of Fingal and her association with Scottish lighthouses, spectacular photos by the Scottish photographer Ian Cowe help convey the strategic locations and importance of Scotland’s lighthouses.


Radisson’s ‘Living Art’ Concept in Edinburgh

The Radisson Collection Hotel on Edinburgh’s Royal Mile is renowned for stunning contemporary suites. Within four of the hotel’s nine suites guests will experience elements of Radisson’s ‘Living Art’ concept featuring work by Scottish fashion designer Judy R Clark and leading Scottish textile designer Hatti Pattisson.

These luxury suites resonate with bursts of floral colours and oceanic shades from Hatti’s custom lampshades, cushions, paintings and fabrics.

Judy R Clark’s interiors reflect the city’s history with antique bespoke furnishings, antique desks, opulent velvet chairs and luxurious tactile fabrics as well as modern amenities. The Garden Paradise Suite and Castle Suite by Hatti Pattisson channel Edinburgh’s dynamic architecture.

Guests have the option to purchase any items that catch their eye. Guests not staying in the chosen suites need not miss out, the work of the two designers is featured in a rolling window display at the hotel and both artists have local studies open to the public on request.



From ‘Palette to Palate’ at Lochgreen House Hotel

Lochgreen Hotel has had a long association with art and painting. The hotel displays a range of traditional and modern Scottish artists including works by Edward Atkinson Hornel, James Guthrie, Robert Gemmel Hutchison, Craig Campbell and Marion Drummond. Bill Costley, the owner of Lochgreen Hotel is also a talented artist and a number of Bill’s works can be seen in the rooms.

Not content to simply display artworks, Lochgreen Hotel regularly present live painting demonstrations by well known artists.

The chance to see and hear popular artists while enjoying a fine lunch or dinner at the hotel has proved extremely popular.

These event have featured Lynton Parmar-Hemsley, Aine Divine and a future ‘Palette to Palate’ event in January will feature seascape artist Philip Raskin.


‘Sleeping with the Art’ at Crinan Hotel

It is quite possible to literally sleep with the art at Crinan Hotel on Scotland’s west coast. Owned and managed by Frances Macdonald, the bedrooms and public spaces feature many impressive works by Frances and her son Ross Ryan. On the first floor of the hotel is The Crinan Gallery which features works by local and prominent Scottish artists.

The hotel also runs painting classes during the Spring and Summer months.

Full details can be found here: Crinan Gallery Exhibitions

Owner Frances Macdonald and her son Ross Ryan are well established Scottish contemporary artists and regularly exhibit their work at the Crinan Gallery. Works by Frances are in several important private collections at home and abroad. Paintings by Frances Macdonald can be viewed at her dedicated web site –

Ross Ryan grew up in Crinan and graduated from Gray’s School of Art in Aberdeen in 1997. By enduring and working in the harshest environments, both physical and emotional, his work offers the viewer a documentary style direct insight into the subject, work and creative process. Ross’s work can be found in collections world wide. A recent example of Ross’s work was documented in an article entitled ‘On a Solo Winter Voyage‘ on our Explore & Discover section.


We hope you enjoy our brief introduction to some of the artworks you might find during your stay at Luxury Scotland hotels. If you have a favourite artwork seen in one of the hotels, please let us know. We will be adding more details to this article in the future.