Guest ‘Favourites’ at Luxury Scotland Restaurants

Scotland is rightly famous for its classic food – beef, venison, seafood and a host of glorious vegetables and soft fruits. You can enjoy all of these while dining in style at the restaurants in Luxury Scotland hotels.


Luxury Scotland - Guests' Favourite Dishes

Luxury Scotland – Guests’ Favourite Dishes

Seasonality will always play a major part in the design of our restaurant menus and we thought we would ask our hotels which of their dishes are the favourites with their guests. Here is a selection of mouthwatering responses which look quite irresistible.

We hope you enjoy reading about these ‘favourites’. Perhaps you will have an opportunity to taste some of Scotland’s wonderful produce in the future.


airds hotel restaurant

Loch Melfort Sea Trout, Linguine, Oyster, Sea Vegetables, Razor Clam Viniagrette

This dish has been developed to showcase some of the best that Argyll on the West Coast of Scotland has to offer.

Airds wanted to create a seafood dish that shows, with a bit of imagination and research, that there is so much more that we can take from the sea. The use of sea vegetables and sea weed is growing as a sustainable food source, and by showcasing it on restaurant menus that can only help. The delicate taste and texture of the trout is enhanced with the buttered linguine, the sweet razor clam dressing and the salty oyster.


One Square Restaurant - Sheraton Grand Edinburgh

Strathdon Blue Trifle – with grapes, pear, walnuts and Dacquoise biscuit

The idea behind this dish was to create something truly Scottish, whilst also encapsulating the elements of a cheese board.

To enhance the flavour we compressed grapes using Lochmanger whisky which works well the Strathdon Cheese. The pear and raisin chutney adds sweetness to the dish and compliments the other elements perfectly. The show stopper, a Strathdon Cheese mousse is mixed with diced Strathdon Cheese and candied walnuts. A dacquoise biscuit made with egg whites and walnut puree is added to give the dish a light texture. We layer all the ingredients to mirror that of a traditional trifle.

At Sheraton Grand’s One Square we use the freshest ingredients from Scottish suppliers. This particular dish goes down a treat with our guests and is known as the favourite dish on our 5 course tasting menu paired with Scottish beers and spirits.


glenapp castle restaurant

Buttermilk Pannacotta with Poached Rhubarb and Honeycomb.

This favourite dish symbolises the Glenapp ethos of utilising seasonal food and homegrown produce where possible

One of our guests’ favourites is our vanilla and buttermilk pannacotta with poached Glenapp garden rhubarb and pink peppercorn honeycomb. The rhubarb used is homegrown from our kitchen garden. The flowers, the mint, begonias and geraniums are also sourced from our Glenapp Castle gardens. This favourite dish symbolises the Glenapp ethos of utilising seasonal food and homegrown produce where possible – creating a taste sensation for  our diners that reflects our local Scottish produce.


Jumbo Prawns at Crinan Hotel

Jumbo Prawns Corryvreckan

Loch Crinan Jumbo Prawns Corryvreckan is one of Crinan’s spectacular signature dishes.

A perennial favourite with guests at Crinan, this dish was created by Nick Ryan, proprietor and host at the Crinan Hotel for more than 45 years, as a tribute to the Corryvreckan Whirlpool. Corryvreckan is the second biggest whirlpool in the Western Hemisphere and can often be heard at the Hotel on a still night. Jumbo Prawns Corryvreckan is an amazing presentation of jumbo prawns and tropical fruit first inspired by a feast Nick saw on a visit to Pitcairn Island when he worked on the famous Queen Mary liner.  The combination of prawns and tropical fruit is visually amazing and tastes wonderful.

For almost 50 years, Crinan Hotel has been famous for serving the freshest seafood in Scotland – oysters, Jura lobster, local scallops and the magnificent Loch Crinan jumbo prawns, landed daily just 50 metres from the hotel kitchen.


seafood at glencoe house

Scottish Seafood Platter

Glencoe House guests can enjoy the very best of Scotland’s Ocean larder served in style.

Guests at Glencoe House look out over Loch Leven and contemplate wonderful walks, exhilarating sailing or even climbing the nearby mountains.

The majesty and history of Glen Coe is waiting to be explored and after all that activity guests can enjoy an indulgent evening dining on a selection of the finest fresh local seafood . A feast for seafood lovers, this favourite with Glencoe House guests features local lobster and langoustines, as well as oysters and dressed crab. The very best of Scotland’s ocean larder served in style.


haggis at 21212 restaurant in Edinburgh

“The Swiss Meet the Jocks for Breakfast”

For chef Paul, Haggis is a magical dish, enveloping all things Scottish.

Muesli and its ingredients have fascinated Head Chef Paul Kitching since the 1970’s when the ‘ALPEN’ cereal was first introduced. By the same token smoked ingredients and especially those produced in the North, equally enthralled Chef Paul as a young chef. And of course HAGGIS… a magical dish, enveloping all things Scottish, for chef Paul, Haggis is Scotland’s Foie Gras or Russian caviar.

So here is one of 21212’s favourite dishes. Take a creamy risotto, ‘crumbed haggis’ , a sprinkle of muesli, (nuts, fruits and seeds),sliced shallot, and top with a smoked cream Arbroath or a Langoustine Bisque.

C’est voila……Europeans meet the Jocks for Breakfast!


borthwick castle restaurant

Ticklemore Goat’s Cheese & Scottish Heritage Tomatoes

Scottish heritage tomatoes are the centre piece of this dish.

A regular favourite on Borthwick Castle menus is this selection of Scottish Heritage Tomatoes with lovage pesto, Ticklemore goats cheese & Provencal granola. Scottish heritage tomatoes are the centre piece of this dish. Distinctly different from their more uniform cousins, heritage tomatoes have wonderful flavours varying from sweet and savoury to deliciously rich and slightly smokey.

At the heart of this dish is Ticklemore, a subtle goats cheese, light and delicate with a mild, sweet taste – which contrasts and enhances the wonderful fresh tastes of Scottish Heritage tomatoes. The dish is brought together with trickles of lovage pesto and a sprinkling of Provencal granola icluding garlic, basil seeds, pine nuts and honey.


one devonshire gardens

Orkney Crab with Tomatoes, Avocado & Basil

Our Orkney Crab is by far the most popular starter on the menu at the moment.

“This is a new dish on the menu here at One Devonshire Gardens for the summer menu!  It’s by far the most popular starter on the menu at the moment. Personally I have a love hate relationship with crab!  There’s nothing worse than finding a piece of shell in your dish!  It’s a process that takes time and care but It’s only now that I can appreciate the work and effort that goes into the preparation of this dish making sure it’s perfect every time!”
Head Chef, Gary Townsend

We use the white meat of the crab which is dressed with lemon, chives and apple.  The avocado is made into a puree along with some slices.  The various textures of British tomatoes include confit plum tomatoes, tomato jelly, torched tomatoes and a tomato water.  We finish the dish with puffed wild rice and a selection of fresh herbs and basil. It’s a bright, vibrant and fresh tasting dish, perfect for summer here at One Devonshire Gardens.


lochgreen house hotel

Warm Salad of Confit St Brides Duckling, potato wrapped duck egg, fois gras crouton and Morel Sherry

Warm Salad of Confit St Brides Ducklin with potato wrapped duck egg, fois gras crouton and Morel Sherr is our guest favourite

Lochgreen House Hotel’s Executive Chef, Iain Conway, selects only the best and believes the slowly grown, and locally bred, St Brides Duck is the most flavoursome poultry that he can source. St Brides Poultry not only supplies all the Michelin Star restaurants in Britain but also happens to be Iain’s Uncle’s farm, where he spent many a happy time helping out as a youngster and where he started to develop his culinary interests.

The Potato wrapped egg is something that caused Iain at least a month of sleepless nights when he started work as a young chef in the renowned two Michelin star Midsummer House and spent a month trying to master the art of wrapping eggs in potato, having finally mastered it he has never let it go! A dish designed around two components that have made Iain who he is today.


If you have enjoyed this article and would like to find out more about Luxury Scotland Restaurants, you can find details, locations and more information on our Restaurant directory. Enjoy!