Taittinger Champagnes

Taittinger Champagne is widely acknowledged as one of the finest Champagnes produced and is the perfect complement to a fine dining experience.

Taittinger features on the wine lists of the most prestigious restaurants in France and all over the world, and is sold in specialist luxury stores around the globe. It remains one of the few top Champagne houses to be owned and actively managed by the family named on the label.

What to Expect

Taittinger Legacy
“Emotions and feelings are at the heart of my life and I place craftsmanship and savoir-faire to their service. I do not compare Champagne to Mozart or Rimbaud, the Champagne served during a meal is a purveyor of pleasure, a component of well-being, a piece of French Art de Vivre.” - Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger

Family Spirit
Taittinger wines have a unique elegance, delicacy and finesse. The final decision on how the blends are created is made by the family as a collective unit. 

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