Highland Spring

Highland Spring still and sparkling spring waters are low in minerals, salts and nitrates and bottled from a protected underground source. Nothing is added or removed and the product is untouched by human hand. 

The distinctively designed bottles make an impact on any dining table. You can be sure that the quality of water in both the elegant green and clear glass bottles is always exceptional.

What to Expect

Scottish Origins
What makes Highland Spring so wonderfully pure and fresh is its turbulent journey through the rocks and glens of the Scottish Highlands to its final destination deep within the Ochil Hills, Perthshire, Scotland.

Sourced in Nature
Nature created these hills about 400 million years ago, while the earth was still being formed. Layers of red sandstone and basalt white form these ancient hills and act as natural filters for the fresh rainwater which falls on the heather clad slopes.

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