Discover some of Scotland’s Best Hotel Cheese Boards

International and UK guests are often surprised (and delighted) by the number of Scottish cheeses available on the cheese boards at the Luxury Scotland restaurants and hotels. They expect to find mostly French and English cheese not realising that in Scotland, cheese lovers are spoilt for choice. Here is an opportunity to discover some of Scotland’s best hotel cheese boards

Scotland produces some of the world’s finest soft and hard cheeses from cows, goats and ewes. Many of the local cheesemakers welcome visitors and cherish the opportunity to educate them. Very often they are part of a family making cheese for generations. It’s a skill passed on from parents to children, their family history intertwined with the history of cheese production in Scotland.

Diners can enjoy exceptional cheese boards at all the Luxury Scotland hotels.  As well as supporting local producers, choosing Scottish cheeses reduced food miles and carbon emissions which reflects the ideals of many of today’s travellers . We have chosen a selection of Luxury Scotland hotel cheese boards which feature some of Scotland’s delicious artisan cheeses as well as some classic European flavours.

The Marcliffe Hotel & Spa, Aberdeen




Inver Lodge Hotel & Chez Roux, Sutherland

The scrumptious cheeses you will find on Inver Lodge Hotel & Chez Roux’s cheese board are French and Scottish:

Bleu d’Auvergne: Blue cheese with soft texture from Auvergne ( A.O.C. Auvergne 1975) made from unpasteurized cow’s milk.

Livarot: French soft cheese from the Region of Normandy ( A.O.C. 1975) made from cow’s milk.

Isle of Mull Cheddar Cheese: Scottish cheese with hard texture and very sharp flavours, made from unpasteurized cow’s milk.

Morbier: French Blue Cheese from the small village Morbier has a semi-soft texture and a strong aroma, made from cow’s milk.

Brie de Meaux: French soft cheese from the town Meaux in the French Brie Region (A.O.C. 1980), made with cow’s milk.



Hotel Du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow

One Devonshire Gardens sources cheese through George Mewes, a renowned Glasgow based cheesemonger who often brings some of the fresh, rarest and most interesting cheeses available to the restaurant at One Devonshire Gardens. Their selection varies from French, Italian, Spanish, Scottish and English. They are delicious.


Cromlix, Perthshire

Chez Roux’s restaurants in Scotland are all about showcasing the best of local produce without forgetting their French origin. You will find both French and Scottish cheeses on the cheese board of all Chez Roux restaurants. At Cromlix, there is also a new cheese available, which has just been launched in Comrie. The cheese is called The Strathern and is produced by the Strathearn Cheese Co
(Strathern cheese is the third one in on the left hand side in the picture).



The Torridon Hotel, Wester-Ross

Having enjoyed the first four courses of your meal at The Torridon created by Chef Bruno’s two rosette kitchen, you could be faced with one of the most difficult decisions of the day: will it be one of pastry chef Emma’s wonderful desserts or a Torridon’s selection of gourmet cheeses? We don’t want to influence you, but the Torridon cheese experience is not to be missed!

At The Torridon you will receive a selection of five cheeses and accompaniments from their inspired larder which might include Clava Brie, Cerney ash, Isle of ewe cheddar, Lincolnshire poacher, Blue murder, Spiced pear and saffron chutney, Oat cakes, Black sesame crackers, Poppy Seed lavash and Truffle honey

If there is any particular cheese you would like to try during your visit to The Torridon, let them know in advance and they will source it for you.



Kinloch Lodge Hotel, Isle of Skye

Prepare to be surprised by Kinloch Lodge Hotel’s cheeses. Their cheese board comprises of top French and Scottish quality cheeses.
Looking at the picture and going clockwise is you find:
Epoisse, Brie de Meaux, Camembert Le Rustique, Petit Livarot and Roquefot

And the Scottish from top, going clockwise is:
Lanarkshire Blue, Morangie Brie, Strathdon Blue, Blairliath Tain Cheddar, Isle of Mull Cheddar, Orkney Light Smoked Cheddar

These are some of the best cheeses you are ever likely to eat!

kinloch (1)

kinloch (2)

kinloch (3)


Greywalls Hotel & Chez Roux, by Muirfield Golf Course

Another award-winning Chez Roux restaurant showcasing both of the best Scottish and French cheeses.  See a description of the cheeses and their names below.



Rocpool Reserve Hotel & Chez Roux, Inverness

From left to right:

Manchego – Takes its name from the dry plateau of La Mancha, south of Madrid.  Made from sheep’s milk and is aged between 60 days and 2 years. Firm and buttery with herbal notes.

Northumberland Nettle – A soft, smooth, creamy cheese made in England. During the process nettle leaves are added to make the resulting cheese sweeter with a tangy aftertaste.

Cuddy’s Cave – Also from Northumberland, England. Named after the local cave, where it is said St. Cuthberts body was hidden to escape the Viking invasion. It is made with only summer milk and aged for 2-5 months.

Isle of Mull Cheddar – A hard, crumbly cheese with garlic and onion notes. Made in Scotland from unpasteurised cow’s milk. One of Chef Roux’s favourites, so is used in the Souffle Suissesse in all of the Scottish properties.

Stilton – Named after the place from which it was made famous, rather than where it was originally made. Rich, spicy butter tastes with hints of cocoa on the finish and sometimes (depending on the maker) a touch of walnuts.

Blue Murder – Made in Tain, Scotland. Just north of Inverness where our hotel is situated. It has a soft and creamy texture with a mild yet spicy taste. It is the only blue cheese in the world finished in a cubed shape.

Reblochon – Was first produced in the Thones and Arly valleys, in the Savoy region of France. It is said that in the 13th century farmers would only ‘half’ milk their cows. The other ‘half’ would be used to produce this soft, very strong, herbal and nutty cheese. This helped farmers avoid a larger tax bill from landowners.

Brie de Meaux – Nicknamed ‘King of Bries’ due to it’s popularity worldwide. Produced north of Paris in the ‘Brie region’ of France. Soft cheese with a white unpressed rind. Famous for it’s strong herbal flavours.




The Roxburghe Hotel & Golf Course, Scottish Borders

We thank Roxy the Roxburghe Hotel’s teddy bear for introducing the hotel’s cheese board to us!

On the left slate you will find:

Delicade cremiere, Paddys milestone, Goldeb cross, Epoisse

On the right slate:  Eildon blue, Isle of mull cheddar, Chevington, Cornish Yarg




Crossbasket Castle, near Glasgow

The 5 cheeses in the back row from left to right are:

Lanark Blue, Fourme D’Aumbert, Bonnet, Gran Jura, Lincolnshire Poacher

The 2 in the middle row are:

Ragstone then Petit Langlees

The 4 in the front row are:

Ailsa Craig, Tunworth, Epoisse and finally Isle of Mull



Luxury Scotland Newsletter – June 2017


Video delivers an exciting travel experience and at Luxury Scotland we are collecting and creating some stunning videos which help convey the splendour and beauty of Scotland and our member hotels.

I hope this month’s selection will whet your appetite for a short break or a vacation here is Scotland. With the summer months just a few weeks away golf is the focus of several special offers from our Luxury Scotland hotels. Greywalls can arrange golf on the famous Muirfield course. You can enjoy championship golf and gourmet dining at Roxburghe Hotel.

And, if links golf is your preference, you can enjoy three of Scotland’s famous courses with Lochgreen’s ‘Stay & Play’ package.

Whatever you do, enjoy Luxury Scotland and the month of June.

Jeremy Hawkings, Chief Executive,
Luxury Scotland.

Crinan Hotel

Stunning sequence of aerial shots captures the magic and serenity of Crinan Hotel and the wonderful landscapes to be explored around the Crinan Canal.

Airds Hotel

Mouthwatering video clips of the gourmet experience that is Airds Hotel. Castles, walks, luxury accommodation and afternoon tea in the perfect setting at Port Appin.

Inverlochy Castle Hotel

A majestic 19th century castle perched on a lochside setting. One of Scotland’s finest country hotels with sumptuous intesriors and award winning cuisine.

Glencoe House

The Bell Tower Suite is the latest in several fabulous additions to the wonderful all suites accommodation at this amazing mansion house over looking Loch Leven in Glencoe.

Sheraton Grand Hotel, Edinburgh

An introduction to the luxury rooftop pool and spa, fine dining, amazing guest rooms and historic location that is Edinburgh Sheraton Grand & Spa.

The Gleneagles Hotel

An evocative sequence reflecting the detail and preparation at Gleneagles hotel that insures the very best of hospitality and a wonderful Luxury Scotland experience.

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Luxury Scotland Brochure


Packed with new content, the 2017 Brochure showcases our 29 members in style.

New photographs, an illustrious forward, our iconic map and articles on the North Coast 500 and the rise of Scotland’s artisan gin distilleries all provide a fresh overview of Scotland’s best hotels and luxury destinations.

To ensure you have instant access to this 25th anniversary edition we have created an online virtual brochure for you to enjoy at your leisure.