Commemorative blue plaque at Knockinaam Lodge Hotel

The grounds of Knockinaam Lodge Hotel have been receiving a lot more visitors than usual. A commemorative blue plaque was put on the property to celebrate the life of Lt Cdr Malcolm Wanklyn who used to live at the property and is considered to be “the most successful submarine commander of World War Two”.

Lt Cdr Malcolm Wanklyn was awarded the Victoria Cross for bravery and gallantry duting World War 2. He spent his childhood years at KNockinaam Lodge.

David Ibbotson, Proprietor of Knockinaam Lodge, said: “We are delighted to help honour the memory of submarine Commander Wanklyn in this way. Knockinaam Lodge was the childhood home of this brave man, awarded the Victoria Cross, and it is fitting that his significant contribution is recognised permanently with a blue plaque to commemorate his life here, at a place which was meaningful to him, in the Rhins of Galloway.”

Read Lt Cdr Malcolm Wanklyn’s full story written by Lieutenant Commander Frank (Sandy) Powell, Member National Management Committee Submariners Association.




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