Christmas 2016: Festive Decorations at Luxury Hotels Throughout Scotland

It’s that time of the year when all Connoisseurs Scotland Hotels dress up for the Festive season. There is a lot of effort involved in developing the decor style and making sure hotels enjoy a Festive atmosphere the moment they walk through the doors.

We celebrate their efforts and what each of them have prepared, the Festive decorations are stunning!

See a few samples below.


Cromlix, Perthshire

Gleneagles, Perthshire

Crossbasket Castle, near Glasgow


Greywalls Hotel & Chez Roux, by Muirfield Golf Course

Inverlochy Castle Hotel, Highlands


The Marcliffe Hotel, Aberdeen 

Hotel Du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow

The Roxburghe Hotel & Golf Course, Scottish Borders

Trump Turnberry, Ayrshire


Cameron House on Loch Lomond

The Old Course Hotel, St Andrews

Rocpool Reserve Hotel & Chez Roux, Inverness


Airds Hotel & Restaurant, Port Appin


Hotel Amenities at Luxury Scotland Hotels

As always, what differentiates any luxury hotel to a special luxury hotel is attention to detail. From the bedrooms, bathrooms and public rooms to service, every little detail adds to the experience and makes a simple overnight stay as memorable as a week away.

All Connoisseurs Scotland Hotels go the extra mile to make sure their in-room amenities and toiletries reflect their concept of luxury, many of them showcase luxury products developed locally and include extra items that are either quintessentially Scottish or represent Scottish luxury.

A lot of thought is put into all the items you see in the bedrooms and toilets. From toiletries to the type of towel, robes and slippers. Everything you see is there for a reason and it is chosen so you can enjoy your stay as much as possible. When you are unable to find specific items you would like to have, all it takes is one call to reception or to the concierge, when they don’t already have the items in stock in case you need them, they will do their best to arrange them.

Since you are not able to see these lovelies items until you actually visit the hotels, we have picked a few samples to show you, to tempt you to visit the hotels and use them yourself!

The Torridon Hotel, Wester Ross

Attention to detail at The Torridon Hotel is paramount. In the rooms, the hotel has Temple Spa products which smell stunning and are completely focused on Wellbeing. The company aims to  improve people’s self esteem and wellbeing by helping them feel balanced through the use of aromatherapy and essential oils. They aim to create the spa experience in little bottles that can be taken anywhere. The products feel wonderfully luxurious on the skin.

Cromlix, Perthshire

In partnership with Arran Arromatics, a wonderfully successful family company based in Scotland, Cromlix has developed their own blend which is also available to be purchased at the hotel or online. The amenities are exceptionally luxurious, they are all branded and have the most gorgeous perfume. Arran Aromatics was founded by Janet Russell and her husband Iain in the kitchen of their cottage on the beautiful Isle of Arran, today they are one of the best-loved brands in Scotland.

Inverlochy Castle Hotel, Highlands

Inverlochy Castle is an elegant dame, a lover of the finer things in life. A traditional Scottish Castle offering all the modern amenities one would expect from one of the best luxury hotels in the world. Also a member of Relais & Chateaux, Inverlochy Castle has also chosen the lovely Arran Arromatics for their amenities. The bottles aren’t small either, they are big and generous! The hotel used to have Penhaligon’s products available but recently have adopted Arran Arromatics to keep consistent with other ICMI Hotels.

Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire

Gleneagles has chosen the exceptional quality of Asprey for their bathroom amenities. Founded in 1781 the company is one of the finest examples of British luxury. Asprey has a long and established relationship with British royalty dating back to the 1800s when Queen Victoria awarded the first Royal Warrant. Since then, Asprey has held a Royal Warrant for every British monarch and several other foreign heads of state. The products are gorgeous.

Knockinaam Lodge Hotel, Portpatrick

Knockinaam Lodge Hotel has chosen Purdie’s of Argyll for their bathroom amenities. The products are organic, fresh and made in the West Coast of Scotland. The company is a lovely example of a luxury Scottish brand and family business that has achieved great success while focusing on their local community. Lovely products and a beautiful concept as well to showcase.

The Glasshouse Hotel, Edinburgh

This vibrant city hotel has picked the beautiful award-winning products developed by Aromathera Associates for their bathroom amenities. Taking the purest natural ingredients, the company creates blends that enhance the oil’s inherent properties, turning them into rich, beautifully scented products that deliver fantastic results.

Aromatherapy Associates

The Old Course Hotel Golf & Spa, St Andrews

The Old Course Hotel has chosen to work with Noble Isle. The company was created in 2011 with an ambition to create a quintessentially British brand. During the creation of Noble Isle, the four founders travelled the length and breadth of the British Isles to source authentic ingredients that celebrate the natural riches of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. All body products contain moisture-shielding shea butter, British-sourced natural extracts and exquisite blends of fine fragrance.

Have you been to a Connoisseurs Scotland Hotel recently and loved their amenities? Let us know about it via social media.

Scotland’s Best Hotel Cheese Boards

International guests are often surprised by the number of Scottish cheeses available at the best restaurants and luxury hotels in Scotland. They expect to find mostly French and English cheese not realising that in Scotland, cheese lovers are spoilt for choice. Scotland produces some of the world’s finest soft and hard cheeses from cows, goats and ewes. Many of the local cheesemakers welcome visitors and cherish the opportunity to educate them. Very often they family has been making cheese for generations, it’s a skill passed on from parents to children, their family history is intertwined with the history of cheese production in Scotland.


Diners can enjoy exceptional cheese at Connoisseurs Scotland hotels, all of them support local producers and make sure to have a few different varieties in their menu. We have selected some of the best luxury hotel cheese boards for those interested in learning more about and trying a few different Scottish cheeses when visiting Scotland.


The Marcliffe Hotel & Spa, Aberdeen




Inver Lodge Hotel & Chez Roux, Sutherland

The scrumptious cheeses you will find on Inver Lodge Hotel & Chez Roux’s cheese board are French and Scottish:

Bleu d’Auvergne: Blue cheese with soft texture from Auvergne ( A.O.C. Auvergne 1975) made from unpasteurized cow’s milk.

Livarot: French soft cheese from the Region of Normandy ( A.O.C. 1975) made from cow’s milk.

Isle of Mull Cheddar Cheese: Scottish cheese with hard texture and very sharp flavours, made from unpasteurized cow’s milk.

Morbier: French Blue Cheese from the small village Morbier has a semi-soft texture and a strong aroma, made from cow’s milk.

Brie de Meaux: French soft cheese from the town Meaux in the French Brie Region (A.O.C. 1980), made with cow’s milk.



Hotel Du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow

One Devonshire Gardens has George Mewes Cheeses as suppliers, often bringing some of the fresh, rarest and most interesting cheeses available to the restaurant. Their selection varies from French, Italian, Spanish, Scottish and English. They are delicious.


Cromlix, Perthshire

Chez Roux’s restaurants in Scotland are all about showcasing the best of local produce without forgetting their French origin. You will find both French and Scottish cheeses on the cheese board of all Chez Roux restaurants. At Cromlix, there is also a new cheese available, which has just been launched in Comrie. The company is called the Strathearn Cheese Co and the cheese name is The Strathearn (it’s the third one in on the left hand side in the picture).



The Torridon Hotel, Wester-Ross

Clava Brie
Cerney ash
Isle of ewe cheddar
Lincolnshire poacher
Blue murder
Spiced pear and saffron chutney
Oat cakes
Black sesame crackers
Poppy Seed lavash
Truffle honey

If there is any particular cheese you would like to try during your visit you can always let them know in advance and they will source it for you.



Kinloch Lodge Hotel, Isle of Skye

Prepare to be surprised by Kinloch Lodge Hotel’s cheeses. Their cheese board comprises of French and Scottish quality cheeses.
Looking at the picture and going clockwise is you find:
Brie de Meaux
Camembert Le Rustique
Petit Livarot

And the Scottish from top, going clockwise is:
Lanarkshire Blue
Morangie Brie
Strathdon Blue
Blairliath Tain Cheddar
Isle of Mull Cheddar
Orkney Light Smoked Cheddar

These are some of the best you will ever eat!

kinloch (1)

kinloch (2)

kinloch (3)



Greywalls Hotel & Chez Roux, by Muirfield Golf Course

Another award-winning Chez Roux restaurant showcasing both of the best Scottish and French cheeses.  See a description of the cheeses and their names below.



Rocpool Reserve Hotel & Chez Roux, Inverness

From left to right:

Manchego – Takes its name from the dry plateau of La Mancha, south of Madrid.  Made from sheep’s milk and is aged between 60 days and 2 years. Firm and buttery with herbal notes.

Northumberland Nettle – A soft, smooth, creamy cheese made in England. During the process nettle leaves are added to make the resulting cheese sweeter with a tangy aftertaste.

Cuddy’s Cave – Also from Northumberland, England. Named after the local cave, where it is said St. Cuthberts body was hidden to escape the Viking invasion. It is made with only summer milk and aged for 2-5 months.

Isle of Mull Cheddar – A hard, crumbly cheese with garlic and onion notes. Made in Scotland from unpasteurised cow’s milk. One of Chef Roux’s favourites, so is used in the Souffle Suissesse in all of the Scottish properties.

Stilton – Named after the place from which it was made famous, rather than where it was originally made. Rich, spicy butter tastes with hints of cocoa on the finish and sometimes (depending on the maker) a touch of walnuts.

Blue Murder – Made in Tain, Scotland. Just north of Inverness where our hotel is situated. It has a soft and creamy texture with a mild yet spicy taste. It is the only blue cheese in the world finished in a cubed shape.

Reblochon – Was first produced in the Thones and Arly valleys, in the Savoy region of France. It is said that in the 13th century farmers would only ‘half’ milk their cows. The other ‘half’ would be used to produce this soft, very strong, herbal and nutty cheese. This helped farmers avoid a larger tax bill from landowners.

Brie de Meaux – Nicknamed ‘King of Bries’ due to it’s popularity worldwide. Produced north of Paris in the ‘Brie region’ of France. Soft cheese with a white unpressed rind. Famous for it’s strong herbal flavours.




The Roxburghe Hotel & Golf Course, Scottish Borders

We thank Roxy the Roxburghe Hotel’s teddy bear for introducing the hotel’s cheese board to us!

On the left slate you will find:

Delicade cremiere, Paddys milestone, Goldeb cross, Epoisse

On the right slate:  Eildon blue, Isle of mull cheddar, Chevington, Cornish Yarg




Crossbasket Castle, near Glasgow

The 5 cheeses in the back row from left to right are:

Lanark Blue, Fourme D’Aumbert, Bonnet, Gran Jura, Lincolnshire Poacher

The 2 in the middle row are:

Ragstone then Petit Langlees

The 4 in the front row are:

Ailsa Craig, Tunworth, Epoisse and finally Isle of Mull



Scotland’s Best Luxury Hotel Baths

We all have something that we love most about hotels. To some people the best thing about staying at luxury hotels is an amazing breakfast in the morning. To others a large bed with freshly ironed sheets. To others room service. Each one of us love something in particular, as well as the whole package.


Luxury hotels have something that not all of us are able to have at home. Beautiful baths with amazing views, or right beside the bed. Baths that are stunning to look at as well as spend time in. Baths worth getting our skin wrinkly for and going back to hotels to indulge again and again.

We have made it easy for you, we have selected our favourite hotel baths in Scotland in the hope that you give yourself the chance to experience them too. Switch your phone off, put your favourite playlist on, add essential oils or bubbles, keep a glass of something special close by and enjoy.


21212 Restaurant with Rooms, Edinburgh: Room 12




Fasque Castle, Aberdeenshire: Room 12



Fasque Castle, Aberdeenshire: Room 14



Glencoe House, West Highlands: Suite 2 (Original bathtub dating back to 1896!)




Glencoe House, West Highlands:  Suite 3




The Torridon Hotel, Wester Ross: Room 2

The baths were made locally too!




Cromlix, Perthshire: Eden Suite




Cromlix, Perthshire: Hoy Spa Suite




Boath House, Nairn: Lake View, Room 3




Boath House, Nairn: Room 5



Inverlochy Castle, Highlands: Glenfinnan Suite




Hotel Du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow: Vettriano Suite and Robert Mondavi Suite



Cameron House Hotel: Feature Superior Roomcameronhouse1



Scotland’s Best Outdoor Private Hot Tubs

Everywhere you go in Scotland you come across truly breathtaking scenery. From the Scottish Borders all the way to the Hebrideas, there is a different landscape and background for every taste and every picture.

Anyone travelling around Scotland and staying at Connoisseurs Scotland Hotels has the chance to enjoy the country’s natural beauty not only from the car, train or during walks but also from a hot tub. A number of Connoisseurs Scotland Hotels offer outdoor jacuzzis and private hot tubs. The experience is sublime. Soak in while drinking a glass of your favourite wine, champagne or simply listen to music while admiring the scenery and all the beauty that surrounds you.

Below you will find some of the hotels where you can enjoy this experience. Four different and exquisite experiences in different parts of the country.


Cameron House Hotel on Loch Lomond: The Carrick Spa

The Carrick Spa not only is one of the best luxury spas in the country but it’s also one of the spas boasting the most striking views. Their outdoor jacuzzi is very large and located at their rooftop, overlooking Carrick Golf course. You will be relaxing and enjoying the views while golfers will walk by below, certainly envious! The experience is recommended any time of the year, even during winter, when the views are quite incredible and the warm water keeps you comfortable and relaxed.



Rocpool Reserve Hotel & Chez Roux, Inverness

Rocpool Hotel offers two bedrooms with private outdoor jacuzzis. From one of them you have magnificent views over the city of Inverness and beyond, from the other you enjoy the privacy of a hot tub in your very own secluded terrace. The experience is wonderful especially for couples.




Glencoe House, Glencoe

Anyone visiting Scotland will have been told at some point that Glencoe is one of the most beautiful areas in the Highlands and we couldn’t stress more how true this is. To make your visit even more unforgettable, suites 1 and 2 have private outdoor jacuzzis overlooking the wilderness. Both rooms are spectacular. Remember to take your swimming costume. Or not!




The Old Course Hotel & Spa, St Andrews

Yet another stunning location and experience, enjoy your very own outdoor hot tub overlooking Scotland’s oldest and most famous golf course. Huge skies above you and not a lot of wind due to the protection around the hot tub. A lovely must have experience especially after a long day playing golf.



Some of Scotland’s Best Summer Cocktails

Summer and cocktails are a match made in heaven. Especially when there is actually sun, in Scotland.

Below you will find our handpicked recommendations, all of these are available throughout Summer. Fancy a cocktail route? No need to drive, Little’s Chauffeur Drive can take you from place to place.


Hotel Du Vin at One Devonshire Gardens, Glasgow

Our take on a 1920s classic cocktail. It is called aviation because it resembles the blueish colour of the sky. The dominant spirit is gin, enhanced with a good dash Creme de violette and maraschino cherry liquor. All served with a twist of fresh pink grapefruit in a cold martini glass.

Price: £9.00


Rocpool Reserve Hotel & Chez Roux, Inverness

Handbags and Gladrags: A fine song about materialism, with that in mind we kept it easy with this simple, yet super tasty recipe. Imagine a touch of rum coating your chocolate apple!

Price: £8.50



One Square at Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa, Edinburgh

One Square Gin Cocktail recipe: 50ml One Square Gin, 25ml pink grapefruit juice, 10ml heather syrup, 15ml Galliano L’Autentico and muddled fennel seeds. Serve in an old fashioned glass with a square ice cube and a gold-coated lime leaf.

Price: £9.00



G&V Royal Mile Hotel Edinburgh

Old Town Fizz

The best of Edinburgh with a touch of Summer: Edinburgh Gin, fresh lemon, sugar, cucumber, mint, soda water, crushed ice

Price: £9.00


Trump Turnberry

Their signature Luxury Collection cocktail, The Last Cocktail. This signature cocktail embodies the wondrous experiences and memories of distinctive hotel destinations such as Trump Turnberry, a Luxury Collection Resort.

3/4 oz gin
3/4 oz rosemary infusion
3/4 oz pear puree
3/4 oz lemon juice
Top with prosecco & clove garnish

Price: £9.00



Time to try one of each?

Scotland’s Best Luxury Hotel Views

Scotland is well known for its spectacular scenery, breathtaking drives and rich wildlife. One of the things that makes travelling around Scotland so enjoyable is the fact that wherever you decide to stay, you are never far away from amazing views. Whether you choose to stay in the countryside or by the coast, the likelihood of having beautiful views on your way to the hotel or from the hotel you stay at is always very high.


Connoisseurs Scotland Hotels are spread throughout Scotland’s most beautiful regions, all of them offer guests the opportunity to explore and be surrounded by Scotland’s magnificent landscape.


We have selected a few of the luxury hotels that offer wonderful views from many of their rooms.


Knockinaam Lodge Hotel in Portpatrick

The beautiful Knockinaam Lodge Hotel is situated at the end of a single-track lane, which winds down to 30 acres of gardens and woodland surrounded by gorse-clad cliffs and the Irish Sea. It’s an incredibly beautiful part of Dumfries & Galloway, not as explored by tourists as the Highlands. The rooms boast stunning views of the beach and the coast. No need for art when you have scenes like this framed by the window.



The Torridon Hotel

Not only The Torridon is one of the best independent hotels in the country, but it’s also situated in one of the most visually stunning areas of Scotland. Guests can reach the hotel by driving through Scotland’s own Route 66,  which attracts sports cars aficionados and keen drivers from all corners of the globe. The rooms offer gorgeous views across the Loch and the Torridon mountain, plenty of wildlife can be seen around the hotel as well. It’s an amazing place to be.



The Old Course Hotel

An incredible location for any keen golfer, the Old Course Hotel offering incredible views of the very golf course where golf was first played in. Guests can also enjoy watching a few of the world’s most exciting golf tournaments from the comfort of their bedroom terrace.


Airds Hotel

The beautiful Airds Hotel in Port Appin is right in front of Loch Linnhe, below is the view guests have from the front facing rooms, of both the loch and the mountains beyond. The journey to the hotel is equally striking no matter where you are coming from as is the area surrounding it. A picture of peace and tranquility.



Inverlochy Castle Hotel

One of Queen Victoria’s favourite hotels, Inverlochy Castle Hotel is surrounded by gorgeous views of its grounds, gardens, loch and Ben Nevis beyond. One of Europe’s most celebrated castle hotels, also a member of Relais & Chateaux.


Greywalls Hotel & Chez Roux

Greywalls Hotel was once an exclusive use property that turned into one of the country’s most cherished country house hotels. The hotel is literarlly steps away from Muirfield Golf course, golf lovers can have magnificent views of the course and the coast beyond. A truly beautiful place to be.


Crinan Hotel

Crinan Hotel boasts character, the hotel is owned by a renowned Scottish fine artist, the hotel is filled with beautiful, contemporary oil paintings, many of them painted by herself and by her equally talented son. They often run art exhibitions and showcase the beautiful work of other renowned artists. The hotel overlooks the picturesque Crinan canal, from your room you can see lovely boats and yachts going by.



Inver Lodge Hotel & Chez Roux

Situated in one of Europe’s last true wilderness, Inver Lodge Hotel is surrounded by a lot more than magnificent views. A large number of wild deer is often seen on the way to the hotel and around the hotel (don’t be surprised if you see one or two right outside your window). Sutherland is a truly breathtaking part of the country with high mountains and a dramatic rugged landscape. The hotel offers panoramic views of the awe-inspiring Lochinver Bay and the Outer Hebrides.


Cameron House on Loch Lomond

It’s not every day that you can see a seaplane landing or taking off from your bedroom window.  It’s also not every day that you can see ducks and swans walking outside and heading towards the Loch. The views from Cameron House Hotel’s rooms are really special and change drastically depending on the season, Loch Lomond has a different colour depending on the time of the year.  The rooms offer beautiful views of Loch Lomond and beyond as well as of Cameron House’s manicured grounds.



Glencoe House, West Highlands

Glencoe House is a historic mansion, the former home of Lord Strathcona, it is  located in 10 acres of private gardens and it offers exquisite views of Glencoe. A truly special place where attention to detail is paramount, Glencoe House’s rooms are incredibly spacious and boast unique period features that add to an atmosphere of luxury and exclusivity. Impressive views of the grounds, loch, gardens and of the West Highlands make staying at this hidden gem a memorable experience, one that you will want to repeat. Words and pictures don’t do Glencoe House justice, you must experience it for yourself.



Rolls Royce tours of Scotland by Little’s Chauffeur Drive

Our good friends at Little’s, who provide chauffeur drive services of the highest quality around Scotland and the UK have been very busy recently.


They have been planning lots of exciting things for the year ahead including tailor-made vintage Rolls Royce tours of Scotland which sound very romantic.  In addition Little’s are expanding into more countries worldwide and offer chauffeur services for the many sporting events taking place this summer (Rio, anyone?).


Little’s will be posting regular updates on these and more developments on the Little’s Web site. To keep up to date you can follow them on LinkedIn, Twitter,Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest, where you will also find details of their impressive fleet and information on large events taking place in our key cities.







A few of Scotland’s Best Hotel Gyms

Many of Connoisseurs Scotland Hotels have exceptional gym facilities and equipment as well as personal training sessions for those wanting to push themselves to either make lifestyle changes or reach a better level of fitness.


The Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa, Edinburgh

The gym at the Sheraton Hotel in Edinburgh has an extensive range of the latest cardio and resistance equipment with integral entertainment.  The hotel’s Kinesis studios at One Spa offer a holistic approach to physical wellbeing with a range of programmes set in a stimulating environment, the studio introduces an exciting new way of working that encourages your body to move freely and naturally while working on the key elements of flexibility, strength and balance. All fitness classes  are run by a team of experienced instructors.  Click here to see the video




The Old Course Hotel, St Andrews

The fitness suite at the Old Course Hotel is situated within the Kohler Waters Spa overlooking the 17th hole of the world-renowned Old Course. With state-of-the-art fitness facilities, keep fit with cardio equipment, resistance machines and free weights, the gym also offers a personalised programme, personal training and group fitness.





Trump Turnberry, Ayrshire

As a member of The Luxury Collection, Trump Turnberry embraces the Seven Pillars of Well-being®, a philosophy focused on restoring the essential elements of Nature, Harmony, Life Balance, Beauty, Aqua, Nutrition, and Vitality. Guided by this holistic approach, the hotel offers a comprehensive selection of programmes and spa breaks aimed at creating mind-body harmony.  See the video to get inspired!





Gleneagles Hotel, Perthshire

Gleneagles has truly impressive fitness facilities including:

  • 22 metre family swimming pool offering a bubble pool and massage experience
  • Exclusive adult area featuring 18.5m length swimming pool and Jacuzzi
  • Alpine Onsen pool
  • Health suite consisting of differing heat and shower experiences
  • Spacious fitness suite supported by the Technogym Wellness System, fully refurbished in September 2014
  • Fitness Studio offering in excess of 30 classes per week
  • Running and cycling trails through the heart of the resort
  • 5 tennis courts
  • The PGA National Academy Course membership (our 9 hole golf course)
  • Playroom offering traditional play activities
  • The Zone offering fun games and computers

Fitness classes and available to guests and  club members as well as a several exciting events throughout the year. Members can enjoy:


  • 20% discount on The Spa by Espa treatments
  • Access to Espa Life for expert Wellness treatments
  • Complimentary use of The Playroom for junior members between 2 and 10 years old, maximum of 2 hours per day
  • Children under the age of 5 do not require a membership
  • Unlimited complimentary access to The PGA National Academy Course (our 9 hole golf course), please book in advance
  • Unlimited complimentary access of outdoor tennis facilities, please book in advance
  • Complimentary bike hire for 2 hours daily.  Charges will apply for any damage to bikes
  • Complimentary towels and amenities
  • Complimentary fitness classes from Tai Chi to Body Pump
  • Invitations to exclusive Club member social events
  • Gleneagles members benefits related to accommodation, retail discount and food and beverage (please see ‘Benefits to all members’ section)




If you need that extra push to get started, consider a break at one of the hotels, the fitness team will be able to advise you and give you the tools and inspiration you need to have a healthier lifestyle.






Christmas Decorations at G+V Royal Mile Edinburgh 2015

G&V Royal Mile Edinburgh‘s has a gorgeous Angels display that has been turning heads! Anyone walking by the hotel will have had the opportunity to see the hotel’s innovative display which fits the property’s fashionable and contemporary interior decor style.


Currently if you book a weekend stay by the 31st of January for stays up to the 31st of August 2016 you will receive a 40% discount on the normal rate. It’s an exceptional gift, even after Christmas!


Below, take a peek at their Christmas decorations this year, for more information on the hotel or to check all that is available to see and do around Edinburgh visit: G+V Royal Mile Edinburgh’s website






Christmas Decorations at The Torridon Hotel

Don’t worry if you can’t be at The Torridon Hotel this Festive Season. We are bringing some of its beauty and luxurious decor to you by sharing images of the hotel’s sumptuous Christmas decorations this year. Those who are lucky to be there this Christmas will have the chance to enjoy 350 different malt whiskies, exceptional dining and extraordinary views of the Torridon mountains as well as the hotel’s many personal touches which are only some of the reasons so many guests return to and recommend the Torridon every year.

If you are in the area or not far, drop by to see the hotel’s exquisite building, enjoy the warm and welcoming Festive atmosphere and experience authentic Scottish hospitality.

There is so much to do around the hotel and they have recently made some of the bedrooms even more beautiful than they were before, don’t wait too long to book if you would like to visit during Summer!







To learn more about The Torridon Hotel or to make a booking visit:


Christmas Decorations at The Marcliffe Hotel & Spa 2015

If you are planning to visit Aberdeen this Festive Season, stop by The Marcliffe Hotel & Spa to see their beautiful Christmas decorations this year.

Enjoy cocktails, the region’s most famous afternoon tea or delectable dining at one of Scotland’s most cherished luxury hotels! Their pre-Christmas menu is available online and currently you can stay for 4 nights for the price of 3!










To learn more about the beautiful Marcliffe Hotel & Spa in Aberdeen visit:

Christmas decorations at The Cameron House Hotel

This year Cameron House Hotel‘s Christmas decorations were arranged by Scottish TV designer John Amabile.

John  was born in Paisley near Glasgow, he appeared as a guest in several design shows on TV. He appeared on the ITV show Better Homes with Carol Vorderman several times and offered design advice on the morning show, GMTV. He now appears in the ITV afternoon show, 60 Minute Makeover.

Check below the stunning result!



To view Cameron House’s latest offers and packages visit

Festive cocktail recipes from Highland Spring in collaboration with Caorunn gin

Highland Spring released a range of guilt-free festive cocktail and mocktail recipes in collaboration with Caorunn gin


Escape from the cold and darkness of the winter months with Highland Spring’s collection of Sparkling cocktails and mocktails. Offering the perfect guilt-free choice of alcoholic and non-alcoholic serves, perfect for a relaxed night in by the fire or together with friends and loved ones. This guilt-free series of sparkling drinks will help all escape to a sparkling moment.


For the ultimate in seasonal merriment we recommend serving these Highland Spring Sparkling cocktails with Caorunn, the small batch Scottish gin. Perfectly clear like Highland Spring water, Caorunn has a sophisticated aromatic taste with fresh citrus and floral notes, making it the perfect companion to a festive highland cocktail.




Gin-gle All the Way


25ml Caorunn Gin

20ml port

1 teaspoon of brown sugar

30ml cranberry juice

3 fresh mint leaves

40ml Highland Spring Sparkling water


Combine all the ingredients above with cubed ice, stir, swizzle and strain into a tumbler. Garnish with a sprig of mint and enjoy!


The Bonnie Blush 


30ml Caorunn Gin

15ml triple sec

45ml pineapple juice

45ml cranberry juice

45ml Highland Spring Sparkling water


Shake and stir all the ingredients above, apart from the Highland Spring Sparkling water. Strain over cubed ice in a highball glass or similar. Add a twist offresh orange and pour in the cool Highland  Spring Sparkling water.



Crisp Winter Apple


80ml Highland Spring Sparkling water

100ml apple juice

1 pinch of ground cinnamon

1 pinch of ground nutmeg



Pour Highland Spring Sparkling water and apple juice into a tall glass over crushed ice, sprinkle the cinnamon and nutmeg on top. Serve with a fresh slice of apple. Enjoy the taste of Christmas.


Highland Sparkling Spritz


100ml orange juice

100ml cranberry juice

5ml elderflower cordial

80ml Highland Spring Sparkling water



Swizzle and stir together the orange and cranberry juice. Slowly pour in the Highland Spring Sparkling, then drizzle in the elderflower cordial. Garnish with a slice of orange.


Sparkling Thistle


30ml blackcurrant squash

30ml cranberry juice

120ml Highland Spring Sparkling water




Add each ingredient to a tumbler glass one by one, slowing stirring and adding ice cubes to finish. Optional garnish of fresh lavender or Scottish thistle for decoration.


Highland Spring Sparkling water is available from all major supermarkets, retailers and convenience stores nationwide.

The House of Bruar’s Butchery wins Diamond Award

The House of Bruar wins once again the prestigious Diamond trophy for the best pork sausage in this year’s Q Guild Smithfield Butchery Awards. This especially coveted award is sought by all the Q Guild members – including many of the UK’s top butchers.


The Diamond Award is bestowed on the Category Champion Butcher – selected by the judges as the ultimate best entry from all the national finalists. The winner is their delicious honey roast pork sausages, handmade using the finest free range Scottish pork by the master butcher Paul Higgins and his dedicated team.


The House of Bruar butchery was opened in 2010 and since then has gone from strength to strength and has proven itself to be one of the finest purveyors of local Scottish meats, boasting the best Morayshire lamb, pork and venison and specialising in 28 day matured Aberdeen Angus beef.


The butchers are now at full kilter, preparing geese, duck, guinea fowl and traditional free range Kelly Bronze turkeys as the festive season draws nearer. To order some of their fine meats, go online or prepare an order directly with the Master Butcher on 01796 484 948.
The House of Bruar opened in 1995 and has become Scotland’s most prestigious country store. It is located 11 miles North of Pitlochry on the A9 (the main route through Scotland) and attracts over 1 million visitors each year. It encompasses mens and ladies Country Clothing Halls, Scotlands largest cashmere hall, country living department and present shop, fishing tackle shop, foodhall and delicatessen and restaurant.


Q guild award 1

10 Remarkable Scottish Gins

Gin is the new fashionable thing. The gin industry is booming like never before with fifteen new distilleries opening in 2014 alone and gin sales jumping by 18% during 2015. More than just a revival, gin has been reborn with vigour and there is no way back.

New gin bars, new gin events, new gin specialists, new brands, new gin review websites, anywhere that is well respected will have at least a few extra brand options for the gin lover these days. Great bars and restaurants are launching gin menus as well as quite a few new exciting gin cocktails.

Scotland is never behind when it comes to food and drink. Especially during Visit Scotland’s Year of Food and drink. The industry is exceptionally vibrant despite the fact that consumers pay 79% in tax, the highest for any alcoholic product. Looking at the UK as a whole, British gin accounts for 20% of the world’s supply. It’s pretty impressive.

We have selected a few exciting Scottish brands with completely unique backgrounds and histories that represent different areas of Scotland. If you love gin and are serious about learning more about Scottish gin, you must try these. You can’t have an opinion without trying at least 5 of the country’s most successful brands.

Firkin Gin

A cask aged gin from Gleann Mór made with juniper, angelica root, coriander seed and orris root, aged in American oak casks ex-whisky casks. Launched on 24 April 2015 and less than a month later, it has found its way into high-end bars and specialist shops around the UK, Firkin gin is released in limited batches of around only 250 bottles at 46% ABV.



The Botanist

Wild, foraged and distilled: 22 foraged island botanicals hand-picked locally and sustainably on Islay. The gin is made at Bruicladdich distillery on Islay.




The Edinburgh Gin

Nestled below the stairs of Rutland Place in the capital, sits their gin distillery. They have a wonderful selection of gins and are definitely a destination to gin lovers visiting Edinburgh.




Daffy’s Gin

Named after the Goddess of gin, Daffy’s is created using the finest French grain spirit, distilled on an ancient copper pot whisky still. It mixes classic ingredients such as juniper, coriander seeds, cassia bark with newer botanicals like Lebanese mint and rare varieties of lemon. Exceptionally fresh and smooth.




Pickering’s Gin

Multi award-winning, marvellously mixed gin hand-crafted at Summerhall Distillery, the first exclusive gin distillery to be established in Edinburgh for over 150 years. It is based on an original Bombay recipe, kept secret since 1947.




Strathearn Gin

Strathearn Distillery, near the village of Methven in Perthshire, is probably Scotland’s smallest whisky and gin distillery. Winners of “Scotlands Craft Spirit of the Year” 2015 for their Oaked Highland Gin. They also have the pleasure of having “Scotland’s Young Distillery of the Year”, 22 year old,  Zak Shenfield, overseeing, designing and distilling all their spirits.



Caorunn Gin

Caorunn is a small batch, quadruple-distilled Scottish Gin personally crafted by one man – Gin Master, Simon Buley. Using only the finest pure grain spirit, natural Scottish Water and 11 botanical gin ingredients, he personally crafts each and every bottle of Caorunn.



Boe Gin

Boë Superior Gin is lovingly created in small batches under the watchful eye of their Master Distiller, where 13 rare hand picked botanicals and spices are infused in the finest neutral grain spirit, liberating the full flavours of triple filtered Boë Superior Gin, creating a high class gin, characteristically citrus with extraordinary balance and smoothness.





Eden Mill Gin

Their site in St Andrews, Scotland, is part of history. The legendary Haig family first made whisky there in 1810 and they continue that tradition over two hundred years later. They are a craft brewery and distillery, the first in Scotland.




Makar Gin

Glasgow’s first whisky distillery in over a hundred years is making its mark not just in the world of whisky but also in the world of gin. Carrying on the tradition of whisky distilleries creating great small batch gins. Makar is produced in small batches in ‘Annie’  the distillery’s own copper pot still.








The World’s Best Dark Truffle is Scottish and by Iain Burnett The Highland Chocolatier

Iain Burnett Highland Chocolatier, Scotland’s most awarded chocolatier, has been acclaimed The World’s Best Dark Chocolate Truffle without any added flavourings.

Tens of thousands of chocolates from over 40 countries were judged by world class chefs, sommeliers and food experts to decide on this Gold International Chocolate Award.  Iain Burnett’s Velvet Truffles received a further two Silvers for the Passion Fruit & Mango White Velvet Truffle and the Raspberry & Black Pepper Velvet Truffle.

The International Chocolate Awards held their World Finals at The Chocolate Show in London,  Olympia, Kensington to bring Chocolate Week to a close this past weekend. Already a winner of three awards for his unique Velvet Truffles in the UK finals earlier this year, Iain’s exquisite Velvet Truffles have now received this crowning recognition in the elite world of the finest chocolate. The entire Highland Chocolatier team are thrilled about the achievement and are proud to receive such an amazing accolade.

“After a decade of striving for excellence, it is exciting that this recognition is given to the Velvet Truffle in its purest form – fresh cream from a single herd of Perthshire cows meticulously combined with a rare chocolate from the island of São Tomé” Iain said. “In front of the world, the judges have identified the dedication of a small team of artisans in Highland Perthshire who create a unique truffle of unparalleled texture and purity”.

The International Chocolate Awards recognise the finest quality chocolate from around the world.  The awards reflect international tastes, offering a level playing field for world-wide entries overseen by a Grand Jury who travel to each competition.

The judging panel is made up of a cross section of experts, food journalists and pastry chefs.  Prizes are separated according to category with one Gold and a number of Silver awards available in each.  The categories, which range from truffles to bars, are designed to reflect current tastes and exquisite offerings within the chocolate industry.

To learn more about Iain Burnett’s exceptional work visit:


Taittinger releases Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 2006

Last month Taittinger released the latest expression of Taittinger’s prestige cuvée: Taittinger Comtes de Champagne 2006

Recognised as “one of the vintages of the decade” Contes de Champagne 2006 has already been awarded 97+/100 by’s Antonio Galloni. Winemakers describe the Chamapagne as “supple, full-bodied and rich” with a “lively attack” and “a hint of spice, reminiscent of liquorice sticks”. The grapes are sourced only from Grand Cru-rated vineyards including Azive, Le Mesnil sur Oger, Oger, Cramant and Chouilly in the Côtes des Blancs.

Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger said: “2006 represents the first vintage made in my presidency, when I took over Taittinger with my son, Clovis, and daughter, Vitalie”.

The Champagne won a gold medal in the Champagne & Sparkling Wine World Championships 2015.

Only released in limited quantities (less than 25,000 cases), less than 200 bottles were released to the UK market. A special treat, a special gift and definitely an experience to remember.

Visit Hatch Mansfield to order









The House of Bruar’s 2016 Catalogue is Out

The much awaited 2016 Catalogue from The House of Bruar has arrived.


We have selected three exquisite items to showcase: Irresistible Italian leather boots for this winter, a gorgeous Aztec wrap and Lovat Herringbone suite for the fashionable gentlemen.


For those who haven’t had the chance to visit the luxury heaven that is The House of Bruar, it is Scotland’s most prestigious independent store, showcasing some of Scotland’s finest produce, clothes and crafts. It is situated on the A9, nine miles from Pitlochry in Perthshire. It is impossible to miss when you are driving through the area.


The House of Bruar has established an unsurpassed reputation for itself as the preeminent Scottish country clothing provider in the UK offering high-quality goods sourced from world-renowned manufacturers. Traditional heritage Tweeds and fine cashmere coats stand alongside the latest cutting-edge offerings from Barbour, Musto and Aigle in their clothing halls, bringing customers an unbeatable range of country clothing.


To download the 2016 Catalogue visit this link or visit the website to learn more about the luxury products available in-store.



Little’s Chauffeur Team Get On Their Bikes for Charity Challenge

A team of staff from Scotland’s leading chauffeur drive company switched their luxury cars for bicycles last weekend to take part in the Five Ferries Challenge, raising £3600 for their long standing charity partner, The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow.

The 7 strong team from Little’s in Glasgow joined the 52 mile challenge which incorporates 4 cycle sections and 5 ferry crossings in and around the beautiful scenery of North Kintyre and the Firth of Clyde.
Their effort is part of Little’s involvement with the 50/10 Club – a group of 50 Glasgow businesses each committed to raising £10,000 to build the atrium of the charity’s new hospice, scheduled to be built in Bellahouston Park in the next few years.

The Little’s Five Ferries Challenge team, which included Operations Director Kenneth Good and Operations Manager Robert McKenna, set off from Ardrossan in the early morning, taking their first ferry across to Arran for a 14 mile cycle to the north west of the island. They continued to cycle and sail their way through the Mull of Kintyre, Tarbert, Loch Fyne, Portvadie, Kyles of Bute and Rothesay before taking their fifth and final ferry back to Wemyss Bay.

This strenuous route encompassed a range of challenging hills with the team racing to keep pace and catch all five ferries on time – so the Little’s team was delighted to complete the course and see their charity fund move closer to the 10k target.

Little’s Managing Director Heather Matthews commented: ‘Giving back to our local community is ingrained in Little’s company values, and The Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice is a very worthwhile charity that we have supported over the past 20 years. As members of the 50 / 10 Club, we are committed to reaching our 10k target and we are very proud of the efforts of our Five Ferries Challenge cyclists and their great team work throughout the event. Well done to all involved.’

Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice Chief Executive, Rhona Baillie, commented: “The team from Little’s have the advantage of being logistical experts when it comes to challenges that involve wheels. We fully appreciate all of their efforts and fundraising support. They really are a great team!”

Established almost 50 years ago, Little’s is headquartered in Glasgow but has an international reach, providing chauffeur services in worldwide locations. The company specialises in corporate travel, including airport and rail transfers and event delegate transport for movements of all sizes. The Little’s team is also experienced in the logistical organisation of single and multiple venue roadshows, taking care of all transport, luggage and passenger requirements. For leisure travellers, they are able to provide bespoke visitor leisure tours and itineraries for worldwide destinations.

For further media information and images please contact:
Burt Greener Communications
Heather Peebles
0131 220 0003

Heather Matthews, Managing Director of Little’s Chauffeur Drive Nominated for Top Scottish Business Award

We are excited to share the news: Heather Matthews, Managing Director of family-run firm Little’s, which co-ordinates chauffeur services throughout the world, has been shortlisted for Female Business Leader of the Year at the Scottish Business Awards 2015.

The nomination follows an unprecedented year of business for Little’s, which involved an extensive re-brand of the company and maximising the opportunity of a phenomenal rise in visitor numbers to Scotland due to major events including The Commonwealth Games and The Ryder Cup.

Little’s won key contracts throughout what tourism chiefs hailed the ‘Year of Homecoming’ as well as building upon its already well established client base, yielding impressive results for the firm.  At the core of the company’s success was Heather’s forward thinking approach to modernising the company in anticipation of what she knew would be a landmark year for business in Scotland.

Heather Matthews, Managing Director of Little’s commented: “It fills me with great pride to be nominated for Female Business Leader of the Year.
“Over the last couple of years Little’s has made some big changes to ensure that we maintain our position at the top of the industry as we listen and respond to our clients’ evolving needs.
“These have been bold and quite pioneering changes for our industry, however what has been of utmost importance to me is that we keep our core family values at the heart of the company, offering our clients an exceptional level of personal service.
“To be recognised by the Scottish Business Awards in a category of such high calibre and influential fellow businesswomen is a real honour and I look forward to attending the ceremony in November”.

As well as a new brand identity, a relaunch of its website and a new online portal for clients, Little’s also introduced a new range of hybrid vehicles to its luxury fleet in Spring 2015, in a drive to become a more environmentally friendly enterprise.

Josh Littlejohn, Founder of the Scottish Business Awards commented: “The Scottish Business Awards is now a major fixture of the Scottish business calendar and this year the Scottish business community will have a lot to celebrate at our ceremony with George Clooney. Heather’s nomination in this prestigious category reflects her growing influence and achievement as a female business leader.”
The prestigious Awards, which last year welcomed Sir Richard Branson, will play host to Scotland’s business elite as well as this year’s speaker Hollywood actor and activist George Clooney. Renowned as the UK’s biggest business dinner the event will take place on November 12 2015 at the Edinburgh International Conference Centre.

Established almost 50 years ago, Little’s is headquartered in Glasgow but has an international reach, providing chauffeur services in worldwide locations. The company specialises in corporate travel, including airport and rail transfers and event delegate transport for movements of all sizes. The Little’s team is also experienced in the logistical organisation of single and multiple venue roadshows, taking care of all transport, luggage and passenger requirements. For leisure travellers, they are able to provide bespoke visitor leisure tours and itineraries for worldwide destinations.

Colombian historic Tall Ship ‘ARC Gloria’ visits Edinburgh

As part of its 2015 goodwill tour of the world, the Colombian Navy’s three-masted training ship will visit Edinburgh for the first time in its 47 years at sea from Thursday 27 to Sunday 30 August 2015.

The ‘ARC Gloria’, one of the biggest tall ships in the world still in service, left its home port of Cartagena, Colombia, on 26 June and has since visited ports in Portugal, Germany and Holland. Shortly after Edinburgh the ‘ARC Gloria’ will visit London and ports in Spain, Portugal and the Dominican Republic.

The ship has a crew of 150, including 67 final-year cadets from the Colombian Naval Academy and one dog “Black Pearl” the sailing black Labrador and the flagship’s mascot.

On Thursday 27 August 2015, the ‘ARC Gloria’ will arrive to Ocean Terminal Leith, Ocean Dr, Edinburgh, EH6 6JJ at 8am where it will be officially welcomed by The Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo at 11am.

The ship will be open to the public during the following times and ALL ACTIVITIES ABOARD ARE FREE

•    Thursday 27 August: 0900 to 1200  – 1400 to 1700
•    Friday 28 August: 0900 to 1200 – 1400 to 1900
•    Saturday 29 August- Family Day in association with the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh 0900 to 1200 – 1400 to 1900
•    Sunday 30 August- 0900 –Noon

ARC Gloria will depart at 1700 on Sunday 30 August for London where it will be berth at Thames Quay, West India Docks from 3-6 September 2015

Scotland’s inhabitants are the most loyal to their region in the UK

A recent survey by a British Insurance Company shows that 83% of people living in Scotland have chosen their own region as the one they would want to live in the most, regardless of personal circumstances.

The research shows that Scotland has the most loyal inhabitants, followed by the South West in second place with 73% and both Wales and the North East in third place with 60% of the inhabitants choosing their own region as their ideal area.

According to those who joined the survey, the reasons why they feel Scotland is the best area to live are the abundance of green spaces (54%), low criminal levels (39%) and the quality of health services such as hospitals and doctor practices (39%).

When asked what would be the main reasons why they would consider moving away from their ideal region, those who took part of the survey have chosen a new job as the strongest reason, followed by ‘to be closer to family and friends’ and finally ‘to be in a more rural area’ as their three strongest reasons. In comparison with the answers by inhabitants from different parts of the UK, those living in Scotland show to be not only the most loyal and content with the area where they live in but also the most satisfied with local services.

There has been an increase in the number of people relocating from different parts of the UK to Scotland due to lower property rates, free healthcare (especially free prescriptions) and free higher education to those living in the UK for longer than three years. Scotland is seen by many as an interesting area for property investment and as a more peaceful and cheaper region to settle in and retire.

The research below is important to Scotland, it shows how its people feel comfortable where they live regardless of their political views.

To learn more about the survey see below:

For the following question please imagine you could live anywhere in the UK, regardless of your personal circumstances (e.g. jobs, family, money etc.)…

Which ONE, if any, of the following regions would you most want to live in?

  1. South West 20%
  2. South East         13%
  3. Scotland 11%
  4. London 9%
  5. Yorkshire and the Humber 9%
  6. North West 8%
  7. Wales              5%
  8. East of England 5%
  9. North East 4%
  10. West Midlands 3%
  11. East Midlands 2%

Top Ten loyal regions (the percentage of those from each region that stated their own region as they would want to live in the most, regardless of personal circumstances)

  1. Scotland 83%
  2. South West 73%
  3. Wales  60%
  4. North East 60%
  5. Yorkshire and the Humber 56%
  6. North West 50%
  7. South East 43%
  8. London 41%
  9. East of England 30%
  10. West Midlands 27%
  11. East Midlands 22%

Which, if any, of the following are main reasons why you like the local area that you currently live in? (Please select all that apply)

All Scotland
It has green spaces (e.g. parks, countryside etc.) 56% 54%
There is a low crime level 39% 39%
There are good shopping facilities (e.g. shops, supermarkets, shopping centres etc.) 38% 29%
There are good health services (e.g. doctor’s surgeries, hospitals etc.) 36% 39%
The area is well-maintained by the council (e.g. clean streets and public areas) 29% 28%
There are good schools (i.e. they provide a high standard of education) 28% 26%
There is a good community spirit 27% 27%
It is great for socialising (e.g. plenty of restaurants, bars, clubs etc.) 21% 18%
There are community social events available (e.g. fairs, farmers markets etc.) 16% 15%
Other 14% 16%
There are good job opportunities 9% 8%
Not applicable – I don’t like the local area that I currently live in 9% 11%
Don’t know 5% 5%

Which, if any, of the following are reasons why you would ever **move away** from the local area that you currently live in? (Please select all that apply. If you would never move away, please select the ‘Not applicable’ option)

All Scotland
For a new job 32% 34%
To live closer to my family or friends 26% 25%
To be in a more rural area 26% 22%
If there was an increased crime rate in the local area 22% 17%
Not applicable – I would never move away from the local area that I live in 19% 22%
For a property investment opportunity (e.g. to buy and live in a property in an up-and-coming area) 13% 14%
To study or receive further education (i.e. at university, abroad etc.) 7% 9%
Don’t know 7% 8%
For better health facilities (e.g. doctor’s surgeries, hospitals etc.) 7% 4%
To be in a more urban area 7% 9%
To be closer to better schools 7% 3%

Luxury Scotland’s 2015 Brochure is now available.

The 2015 Brochure from Luxury Scotland is now available. Featuring the finest luxury hotels in Scotland and selected partners from the world of luxury travel, this is an invaluable source of perfect destinations for the discerning traveller.

Inside you will find four of the great golf resorts of Western Europe, Cameron House on Loch Lomond, Gleneagles, Old Course Hotel Golf Resort and Spa and Trump Turnberry, A Luxury Collection Resort as well as romantic castle hotels, country house hotels, town house hotels. Luxury Scotland members include  MV Hebridean Princess, the only cruise ship allowed to display The Royal Warrant and Belmond Royal Scotsman, the most luxurious and prestigious train in the  world.

Driving in the Scottish countryside is a pleasure – a network of some of the most beautiful and dramatic roads in the world, such as the Road to the Isles, which runs from Fort William to Mallaig. On the west coast you will find the most spectacular views of whitewashed cottages looking out to the sea and on the east coast you will find evidence of the whisky industry, distilleries, a cooperage, and more castles than you can imagine.

As you travel around Scotland you can use our 2015 Luxury Scotland brochure to plan your overnight accommodation complete with memorable gourmet dining and the best of Scottish hospitality.

Copies of the brochure can be request by contacting Jeremy Hawkings (CEO) through our web site enquiry form.